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Whistleblower Retaliation

Fired For Reporting Illegal Activity?

The Whistleblower Protection Act and other federal and state laws protect employees from retaliation or termination for reporting fraud, safety violations or other illegal actions of their employers. If your employer did the wrong thing after you did the right thing, the law firm of Sack & Sack is behind you 100 percent in standing up to the injustice.

Attorney Jonathan Sack brings 20-plus years of experience in employment law and civil rights litigation in New York City and statewide, including representation in high-stakes, high-profile whistleblower cases. He welcomes employees at any level who were unjustly fired, demoted, transferred or harassed after reporting illegal activity. In particular, he excels in cases of executives, managers and other highly placed or key employees who alerted authorities, knowing that they could be blacklisted in their industries or professions.

Representative Cases Of Whistleblower Lawsuits

  • Mr. Sack represented a senior research analyst at Citibank tasked with analyzing an investment bank deal that could have generated millions of dollars in fees. When his due diligence resulted in a “sell” recommendation to potential investors, his employers balked. They fervently wanted a “buy” recommendation, and issued a quid pro quo demand that he “go home and think about it.” When he refused to reverse his judgment on grounds it would mislead the investing public, he was summarily fired under other pretenses. Mr. Sack recovered a large settlement for the transparent retaliation.
  • In another case pending in federal court, Jonathan Sack represents a former vice president of Moody’s, the bond rating agency. Our client, who has 20 years of experience in the health care sector, recommended that MedCo’s B+ rating be upgraded to A-, a significant elevation in confidence for those bonds. His boss, however, discouraged the move because MedCo was not generating any fees to Moody’s. The ratings committee initially voted 6-1 in favor of our client’s good faith recommendation, but utterly reversed itself 5-2 after the executive’s manipulations. Eight days after complaining to Moody’s compliance department, our client and another analyst were fired. We sued for retaliatory discharge under the whistleblower laws.

Any illegal activity may be grounds for a whistleblower lawsuit, if the employee suffers an adverse employment action. Sack & Sack routinely handles cases in the financial services and health care fields, representing whistleblowers who reported insider trading, investment misrepresentation, fraudulent medical billing or fraud against the U.S. government (qui tam).

Arrange a free consultation at 212-702-9000 or contact us online. Jonathan Sack provides a free initial consultation and takes most cases on a contingency fee basis.