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Religious Discrimination

Your Religious Beliefs Are Protected

State and federal law prohibits employers from discrimination on the basis of one’s religion. Yet religious culture and corporate culture sometimes clash, and employees find themselves harassed, treated unequally or even out of a job because of their religious beliefs or practice.

The law firm of Sack & Sack has represented employees across New York City who have experienced religious discrimination in hiring, on the job, or in wrongful termination. We strive to hold employers accountable for violating the constitutional and civil rights of our clients. If you believe you have been mistreated or denied reasonable accommodation of religious practices, contact us today for a free consultation.

New York City Religious Discrimination Attorneys

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 specifically outlaws discrimination on the basis of religion and national origin. The courts have consistently ruled in favor of workers, as an extension of their First Amendment religious rights:

  • You cannot be denied employment because of your religious beliefs or affiliations (Mormon, Muslim, Jewish, etc.)
  • You cannot be discriminated against because your name, country of origin or physical features are associated with a particular religion.
  • You cannot be terminated when an employer discovers your religious persuasion.
  • Employers must make reasonable accommodations for religious customs and practices
  • Employers cannot harass you about your beliefs or condone such harassment by co-employees.

Many of our cases revolve around modesty of dress and other religious beliefs that clash with the employer’s rules:

  • A Seventh Day Adventist who refused to trade her skirt for her employer’s uniform of pants and shirt
  • Muslim women forbidden to wear burkas or head scarves at work
  • Many Jewish or Adventist clients who won’t work Saturdays in observance of their Sabbath
  • Muslim clients not provided breaks or a private space for prayers during work hours

Our goal is to encourage resolution between employers and employees where possible. However, when the discrimination continues or the employer refuses to make accommodations, we are prepared to bring suit before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or in state or federal court.

Jonathan Sack is an accomplished trial lawyer who has prevailed in high-profile religious discrimination lawsuits throughout NYC and Long Island.

Call us at 212-702-9000 if you have been adversely affected by religious intolerance in the workplace. We will explain your rights in a free, no-obligation consultation.