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Wage/Commission Disputes

Sales Commissions — Wage And Hour Claims

Your hard work and effort is not always reflected in your paycheck. If you believe you were short-changed on sales commissions, denied overtime pay or otherwise cheated by your company, the law firm of Sack & Sack will fight for your rights.

Serving New York City and Long Island, we represent sales representatives, hourly workers, salaried employees and independent contractors in wage and compensation disputes. Employment law attorneys Jonathan Sack has 20-plus years of experience in this field. We invite you to a free initial consultation to discuss your situation, your rights and your legal recourse.

Sales Commission Disputes

Steven Sack has authored numerous books on employment law, including manuals for sales professionals. In his law practice, he chiefly represents sales reps and sales associations in contract negotiations or in breach of contract disputes when they were cheated out of rightful commissions. He has recovered compensation for manufacturing reps, pharmaceutical reps, investment traders, auto parts salesmen, roofing contractors and a wide range of people whose families and livelihoods depend on commission.

He has handled disputes over commissions, as well as litigation over base pay-plus-commission contracts, qualified leads, sales quotas and performance incentives.

Wage And Hour Disputes

Jonathan Sack represents individuals or groups of hourly or salaried workers who were taken advantage of by chiseling employers. In fact, his first solo case — and the case that launched his career and reputation — was a class action suit on behalf of female grocery store clerks who were systematically underpaid in violation of New York law. He handles the full gamut of wage and salary claims:

  • Failure to pay overtime
  • Misclassification of employees as exempt (from overtime)
  • Misclassifying “independent contractors” who are really employees
  • Failure to provide or pay workers for breaks
  • Failure to extend benefits
  • Forcing employees to share tips with management
  • Disputes over bonuses and incentives

Do you have a wage or commission dispute? We offer a free consultation and take many cases on a value-added contingency — no attorney fees unless you come out ahead for having hired us. Call 212-702-9000 or contact us online.