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Employment Law Overview

Employment Law In New York City

My name is Jonathan Sack, and I have been practicing in employment law in the NYC area since 1989. My practice chiefly involves (1) assisting client in the negotiation of their pre-employment contracts and compensation, as well as the timing and management of leaving their prior employment; (2) advising clients as they endure on-the-job discrimination or exploitation, ensuring that they properly document a protest of adverse employment action; (3) advising clients who are protected by various whistleblowing laws; (4) post-employment severance negotiations; and, (5) post-employment breach of contract and discrimination litigation. Our verdicts and settlements reflect the courtroom skills, legal acumen and persistence required to prevail in a legal system tilted in the employer’s favor.

I understand that your current situation has caused great stress and has you worried about your future. I will do everything I can to uphold your rights and fight for the compensation or legal remedy you desire and deserve. Call my office and speak to me today at 212-702-9000..

Employee Advocacy In Employment Law

We represent executives, managers, sales professionals and all employees who have suffered adverse employment actions or disputes with an employer. This is not a comprehensive list, but reflects the bulk of our cases:

Charting Executive Careers

As an outgrowth of our successful advocacy in severance negotiations, we also handle executive compensation on the front end, advising senior level executives with promotions by negotiating the terms, compensation, perks and parachutes of their next job. Many employment agreements are significantly different when an employee is relocated to or from the United States, and we can assist in the negotiation of various types of “ex-pat” packages.

Cleaning House

When there is no conflict of interest, Sack & Sack also counsels employers on terminating or disciplining problem employees without exposing the company to lawsuits for breach of contract, harassment, discrimination or retaliation. We also routinely conduct seminars and workshops for employers and general counsel on preventative steps they can utilize to avoid lawyers like me and the claims I routinely bring.

Sack & Sack welcomes inquiries throughout New York City, Long Island and beyond, including attorney referrals. We offer a free consultation, and we represent employees on a flat fee or contingency fee basis. Contact us today.