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Gender Discrimination

The Glass Ceiling Is Still Intact

New York City Gender Discrimination Attorneys

For every Oprah Winfrey or Katie Couric, there are thousands of women who encounter real inequities and barriers to advancement in the workplace every day because of their gender. The law firm of Sack & Sack represents women who are denied employment in male-dominated fields, passed over for promotions, paid less than men for equal work, or treated adversely for taking maternity leave or FMLA leave.

Employment law trial lawyer Jonathan Sack has fought and won hundreds of gender discrimination cases in his 20-year career. If you have a potential claim in New York City, Long Island or anywhere in New York state, contact us today for a free case evaluation and discussion of your legal options.

Gender Discrimination

Our clients range from sales clerks to high-level managers and corporate executives. The specifics of each case are unique, but the common thread is a disdain for the contributions of female employees, a “boys club” mentality, and antiquated beliefs about women’s abilities to balance home and career.

Mr. Sack’s first case ever involved a group of women at a supermarket who earned less than their male counterparts. At the urging of the judge (future Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor), he certified the case as a class action and subsequently won a huge settlement which made him an “overnight sensation.”

More recently, Mr. Sack represented a regional sales manager for a wireless carrier in a severance litigation case. After returning from maternity leave she complained about the frequency of the CEO’s “sales summits” — cross-country trips more centered on recreation than business. After her complaint, her commitment was questioned and she endured derogatory comments about women and child-rearing. She was given an ultimatum of attending the monthly summits or termination, while a male counterpart was excused from the five-day excursions. We rejected the measly severance offer of $75,000 (she had been earning $350,000) and eventually settled the case for a much larger sum.

We welcome all gender discrimination cases, including:

  • Equal pay disputes
  • Retaliatory discharge for pregnancy or taking full maternity leave
  • Glass ceiling lawsuits (failure to promote to senior management)
  • Family and Medical Leave Act discrimination
  • Women fired first in layoffs because they “don’t need to work”

Call Jonathan Sack at 212-702-9000 for a free initial consultation to explore possible claims. He takes cases on a flat fee or contingency basis.