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EEOC Claims

Workplace Discrimination

It is illegal under federal legislation and the laws of New York to discriminate against employees on the basis of race or color, national origin or religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation, age or disability. This includes discrimination in hiring, pay, promotions, discipline, work assignments or harassing behavior, as well as termination or retaliation for filing claims.

But employers are crafty about disguising the discrimination or justifying unequal treatment by fabricating “performance issues.” Suing for damages requires documentation, and that usually means staying on the job and enduring more abuse. If you have to suffer, you need a lawyer who will make it worth your while.

Serving New York City and Long Island, the law firm of Sack & Sack has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for victims of workplace discrimination, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and other laws. We know you’ve been through a lot, and we provide both the legal advocacy and moral support in your quest for justice.

Contact us today. We have handled every type of EEOC claim, with particular experience and success in sexual harassment cases, gender discrimination and religious discrimination.

EEOC Claims And Other Legal Remedies

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was created to handle employment discrimination claims under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It also hears cases brought under the Age Discrimination Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.

Jonathan Sack has practiced exclusively in employment law for more than 20 years and brings meticulous methods and a real compassion for his clients who have suffered indignities and intolerance. He is backed by a skilled team of lawyers and paralegals who help draft the complaint and shine the light on the discrimination you have suffered.

If you wish to stay at your job, we can represent you in these confidential negotiations or mediation via the EEOC. If the employer fights the claim or offers unacceptable reparations, Mr. Sack can advise on the best venue for your specific case.

One of Our Many Success Stories: We represented an employee of Tiffany & Co., the only African-American among a group of 15 engravers. After 10 years with the company, operations were relocated from New York City to Parsippany, New Jersey. He soon found he was held to a higher standard of conduct than his white counterparts, such as being reprimanded for coming in late when co-workers were not. Mr. Sack helped the man document the pattern of arbitrary discipline and differential treatment, filed an EEOC claim for racial discrimination under Title VII, and reached a settlement with the company.

Call 212-702-9000 for a free consultation about your potential EEOC discrimination case. Your employer will never know you spoke with us unless you decide to go forward with your claim.