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About The Firm

Advocates For NYC Executives And Employees

Have you devoted 90 percent of your waking hours to your job, only to have the rug pulled out from under you after years of loyal service? Usually, a fired worker gets no notice or warning of an adverse employment action, such as a firing. Have you suffered economically and personally from a disruption to your career, a breach of your contract or an employer’s violation of your civil rights?

I am Jonathan Sack, a trial lawyer with 20+ years of demonstrated results. I live and breathe my cases and operate under a personal mantra: Each client is treated like they are my first, last and only client. There is a great deal of personal satisfaction for me in pursuing a claim for a client who has been wronged. I am energetic, competitive, intellectually driven by the unique facts of each client’s circumstance, resourceful in seeking out a satisfactory result, and most of all, I am passionate about the opportunity to assist clients during a difficult time of transition.

Sack & Sack is a law firm practicing in employment law. Clients include senior executives of major corporations, financial services industry professionals, sales professionals and sales managers, investment brokers, employees in the advertising and health care sectors, and in technology. The employees I represent need not be at the highest rungs of the ladder; many clients are lower management and workers at any level. Some of our clients have opened up businesses of their own, and have retained us to manage the employment law related issues which arise on the employer’s side of the negotiation table. Serving New York City and Long Island (and clients statewide), we handle pre-employment matters, such as advising clients about job changes. We draft and negotiate offer letters, non-competes, and employment contracts. We provide on-the-job counseling and we provide insightful guidance to clients who face an adverse employment action such as a bad performance review, a warning or a new manager who is treating the client unfairly. Most commonly, we manage the severance negotiations of terminated employees. We also spend a fair amount of time in our practice mediating, arbitrating and litigating non-competition claims, discrimination, whistleblower, breach of contract, bonus, commission and compensation claims in various forums, such as FINRA, JAMS, AAA and Federal and State Courts throughout the country. We represent clients in civil rights lawsuits, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation or wrongful termination claims. See our Representative Cases.


About Our Representation

In our initial consultation, I make time for my prospective clients to explain their rights and explore whether their claims have merit. I understand that my client is placing his or her future outcome in my hands and in return I give them 100% of my time, effort and acumen to obtain the desired result.

In exchange of the firm’s legal services, I work primarily on either a flat fee or on a value-added contingency fee equal to a mutually agreed-upon percentage of the monetary damages recovered, unless I am unable to increase a standing settlement offer. In contract negotiations, I will work out a flat fee arrangement with the client. This way, the client knows up-front what their costs for legal services will be, regardless of the time spent on the matter. I work behind the scenes, advising and guiding the client, or I become actively involved with the negotiation process, including the drafting of language to suit the client’s intentions. With respect to value-added success fees, the client and the firm share a parallel identity of interest in the outcome and we work as partners to obtain the best result in the least amount of time, efficiently and aggressively pursuing the desired end result. On defense matters, we will work on a flat fee hourly billing arrangement, usually with a cap on the fee, as mutually agreed upon. We also advise companies by producing sexual harassment and workplace behavior seminars, as well as advising, drafting and implementing employment policies and personnel handbooks.

Read on or contact me to discuss your employment situation.

The Evolution Of Our Employment Law Practice

For his entire career, my father, Buddy of blessed memory, was a salesman. Back in 1978, my dad successfully sued a manufacturer who cheated him out of earned commissions. After building up a territory, the manufacturer cut my dad’s commissions and took profitable accounts away from him. My brother Steven wrote a book, The Salesperson’s Legal Guide (Prentice Hall, 1981) about the experience that launched his career as a prolific author and respected authority on New York employment law. To date, Steven and I have represented thousands of employees and salespeople.

I followed Steven into the practice of law. Fascinated by Anita Hill’s testimony during the historic Justice Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination and confirmation hearings, I took a continuing legal education course on sexual harassment, and the rest is history. As it turns out, women, en masse, recognized that bad behavior at work cannot be condoned. My first clients were a group of female supermarket employees who earned less than their similarly situated male co-workers who were disproportionately offered opportunities for advancement. The case became a successful class action gender discrimination lawsuit, and I have passionately practiced in employment law for individuals ever since.

I Am Driven To Achieve Justice For My Clients

After 27 years and thousands of clients, I am as passionate as ever about my work. I love what I do:

  • It’s intellectually stimulating. Every case is fact-specific, and my challenge is to weave the good, the bad and the ugly into a compelling story for the Arbitrator, Mediator, Judge, Jury or finder of fact.
  • I get to help people in dire situations. At the end of a case, I know I have done everything I could to right the wrongs. Most clients are at a low point in their personal and professional lives when we first meet and I strive to improve the situation through a hands-on negotiation, or litigation for a recently terminated employee.
  • I’m a competitive person who really hates to lose. Whether it’s another club championship in tennis, squash or golf, or an award, settlement or verdict for my client, I prepare thoroughly and do what it takes to win without breaking the rules.
  • It’s been successful for me. I invest myself in each case, and I am repaid for that hard work. In turn, I support many charitable causes. for instance, I endowed a scholarship at St. John’s University School of Law in honor of my dear professor Robert Parella. Indeed, giving back is a great part of the measure of one’s success.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your employment situation in person. I offer a free initial consultation, and I return all calls or e-mails within 24 hours. Call me at 212-702-9000 or contact me online. I may also be reached at [email protected] My assistant may be reached at 212-702-9000, ext. 212.