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Sexual Harassment

New York City Sexual Harassment Attorneys

There is no story you could tell us that is too outrageous to be believed. In 20 years of sexual harassment cases, we have seen countless examples of men (and women) behaving badly. More importantly, we have successfully proven to investigators and juries that it really happened and held the perpetrators and their employers accountable for damages they cause by their prohibited behavior.

The law firm of Sack & Sack has a solid track record in sexual harassment litigation on behalf of clients throughout New York and Long Island. Whether you were sexually assaulted, pressured for sex, or subjected to demeaning behavior in the workplace, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your legal remedies in a free initial consultation.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and under corresponding laws of New York state. Sexual harassment claims fall into one of two categories:

  • Quid pro quo — Demands for sexual favors in exchange for getting a job, keeping a job, a promotion or other preferential treatment
  • Hostile work environment — Unwanted attention of a sexual nature or degrading behaviors that make work unbearable

Sometimes the harassment is overt — we have had cases of rape and attempted rape, groping and fondling, explicit sex talk, even men exposing themselves to a co-worker or subordinate. Sometimes the behavior is more subtle — veiled threats to one’s employment status, offensive “jokes” or e-mails with sexual content, references to a person’s body or clothing, lewd jokes, unwelcome or offensive storytelling or banter, or derogatory comments about women in general.

Your Rights, Remedies And Obligations

Jonathan Sack has practiced in employment law since 1989 and represented both women and men in sexual harassment claims. Mr. Sack will help you with documenting the behavior and the intimidating but necessary step of reporting it to your employer. If the company investigates and takes action against the person, you can decide if you feel comfortable staying at the job. If the employer takes the harasser’s side or the behavior continues, we can file a claim with the EEOC, which will try to mediate a solution, including financial settlement. If no resolution is reached, we can escalate your case to private arbitration or a trial.

A Sample Case — We represented a graphic designer who worked for Dresner Bank. Her boss professed to be impressed by her work, and invited her to discuss a promotion — at his private residence, on a Saturday morning. When he began asking personal questions, disrobing and making overtures, she realized she was not at a job interview. She then realized she was locked in and began screaming for help. She eventually escaped. The executive denied the whole thing … until Mr. Sack obtained time-stamped video footage of her entering and leaving his apartment building. We settled that case within a week.

We have also represented a number of women in the financial services sector who acknowledge that they were hired largely for their attractive looks, but were fired when they rebuffed the sexual advances of brokers, executives or clients.

Find out where you stand and how we can help. Call 212-702-9000 to arrange a free consultation.